Why Al-Diwan?

Aldiwan Center courses are recommended by students with grants from Fulbright Program (funded by Department of State, USA), many universities and colleges in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia , and is officially accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.



Teaching Arabic for nonspeakers of Arabic regardless of their aims, ages or races; as well as cooperating with research foundations to develop the teaching methodology and meet the needs of Arabic learners.


Al-Diwan staff consists of native speakers of Arabic. They are university graduates from the faculties of the Arabic language in addition they are required to have a diploma in teaching Arabic as a foreign language.


Al-Diwan was established in 1997 as a language center that teaches Arabic as a foreign language. Now AL-Diwan has 4 Branches. More than 25 Universities around the world consider Al-Diwan the best Arabic Tutor.



Al-Diwan offers different programs for learning Arabic to suit all students.

Modern Standard Arabic


Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the literary standard across the Middle East, North Africa, Horn of Africa and one of the official six languages of the United Nations.

The MSA Program in Al-Diwan is 12 Learning Levels, through 3 main stages (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced), Each level is accomplished in 40 Learning hour.

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic


Egyptian Arabic is spoken natively by more than 55 million Egyptians, and as a second language by most of the remaining 25 million Egyptians.

The ECA Program in Al-Diwan is 10 Learning Levels, through 3 main stages (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced), Each level is accomplished in 30 Learning hour.

Arabic For Specific Purposes

Al-Diwan offers a variety of unique programs in teaching Arabic for special purposes as:

  • Arabic for Media
  • Arabic for Business
  • Arabic for Diplomacy Professionals
  • Arabic for Islamic studies
  • And others...


You can study your preferred program (MSA-ECA-Special) through one of the following course systems as it suits you


Al-Diwan also offers some services for students to help them in thier life in Egypt!

Airport Pick-up

Pick-up from Cairo Airport with suitable fees.


Access to Rooms, Apartments and Hotels Units and Agents in Maadi Area

In-Center Facilities

Many Free Facilities for Registered Students on campus.

Egyptian Culture Events

Egyptia & Arabic Culture knowledge through: Info Sessions - Trips - Parties

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