Learning Tracks

Al-Diwan offers different learning tracks for learning the Arabic language to suit students' different goals

Modern Standard Arabic

(Fus-ha) Program


Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Standard Arabic, or Literary Arabic is the standardized and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech. (MSA) is the literary standard across the Middle East, North Africa, Horn of Africa and one of the official six languages of the United Nations ...

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Egyptian Colloquial Arabic

(Aameya) Program


Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) is spoken natively by more than 55 million Egyptians, and as a second language by most of the remaining 25 million Egyptians, as well as by immigrant Egyptian communities in the Middle East, Europe, North and Latin America, Australia and East Asia. Among the spoken varieties of Arabic, standard Egyptian Arabic (based on the dialect of the Egyptian capital) is the only one to have become a lingua franca in other parts of the Arabic-speaking world.

Arabic For Specific Purposes

Special Programs


Al-Diwan offers several specific programs to suit those who want to learn Arabic for a specific purpose or who want to take specialized advanced lessons in a specific part of Arabic as Conversational Arabic (Fus-ha) or Al-Nah'w (Arabic Grammer), or who even want to learn some specific skills as writing, reading ...

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A'ameya Program Weight

Stages Details

A'ameya Books

*All these books are available at Al-Diwan.

Assessment & Evaluation Systems

“Continuous Evaluation” of all instructional components; Student, Teacher, Curriculum, and Administration is a main principle at Al-Diwan. We have accordingly implemented the following evaluation systems in order to continuously improve our programs.

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