Al-Diwan also offers some services for students to help them in thier life in Egypt!

Cairo Airport Pick-up

We provide airport pick up service with an air conditioned car, and we work with specialized car rental company which provides this service.
A representative of Aldiwan Centre will be waiting to accompany you; in the airport.

Fees: 20 USD per student, and 5 USD for every additional accompanying student.


We are situated in Maadi which is a quite area near the river Nile and close to the foreign embassies and governmental buildings, 30-mins distant from Down Town. Residence in this area offers high standard of living in a relatively quiet place that is also close to the heart of Cairo. Apartments in the area are well furnished with all home comforts and are near to the centre, the rate starts from 600 USD to 800 USD and there are always many apartments available for this price. If you wish to find cheaper apartments there are room sharing where the rates starts from 250 USD to 350 USD for each student. You must pay a first month's rent in advance and a security deposit (usually equivalent to one-month of rent) and also estate agent fees (usually equivalent to half-month of rent). The security deposit is refunded when you move out minus any property damages, if any. If you leave the apartment before the end of the contract, you will most likely lose the security deposit. You may stay in a hotel for a few days until the estate agent finds you an apartment that fits your budget and your taste.

In-Center Facilities

The Registerd Students can enjoy many free facilities on campus as:
Free WIFI in all rooms any time of the day.
Free Air-Conditioned Space for studying, reading or even using Internet.
Free Coffe breaks any time of the day.
Free Arabic Books for reading or borrowing.

Egyptian Culture Events

Not only classes will teach you the Language, but also some events that held by Al-Diwan will teach you how to deal with egyptians and Arabic people and know thier culture, customes, and behaviours.