In a nutshell?

Al-Diwan is an International Arabic language teaching center with four branches across the world. Since Al-Diwan was founded in 1997, we have grown our passion of teaching the Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers with our core values which made us the most reliable Arabic teaching center for hundreds of International students and organizations worldwide

Why choose us?

Al-Diwan Center courses are recommended by students with grants from Fulbright Program (funded by Department of State, USA), many universities and colleges in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and is officially accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education

Our Values

  • We believe that everyone should get an excellent service that meets their expectations and making them satisfied as expected.
  • At Al-Diwan we don’t just accept you the way you are but also, we support you to make you feel at home.
  • Arabic language learning journey is a process that needs a mix of time, patience and effort. We are pleased to be your accompaniers in your journey and to give you the right mix you need.

Learning Tracks

Al-Diwan offers different learning tracks for learning the Arabic language to suit students' different goals

Modern Standard Arabic


Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the literary standard across the Middle East, North Africa, Horn of Africa and one of the official six languages of the United Nations.

The MSA Program in Al-Diwan is 12 Learning Levels, through 3 main stages (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced), Each level is accomplished in 40 Learning hour.

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic


Egyptian Arabic is spoken natively by more than 55 million Egyptians, and as a second language by most of the remaining 25 million Egyptians.

The ECA Program in Al-Diwan is 10 Learning Levels, through 3 main stages (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced), Each level is accomplished in 30 Learning hour.

Arabic For Specific Purposes


Al-Diwan offers a variety of unique programs in teaching Arabic for special purposes as:

  • Arabic for Media
  • Arabic for Business
  • Arabic for Diplomacy Professionals
  • Arabic for Islamic studies and more...


Maybe our marketing investment is not the best, but we invest all what we possess in our clients' satisfaction

"I cannot begin to describe how wonderful the past three months at Al-Diwan in Maadi. Not only are the stuff very welcoming, but their teaching pedagogy is top notch."


"Thank you for your help with Arabic. You do a lot to make people feel welcomed. The parties for people ending their programs are nice. I liked the way the course engaged different materials."

Mark Westmoreland

"I have had a wonderful time here. My Arabic has improved so much and for the first time I am really enjoying studying it. The atmosphere at Al-Diwan is like being part of a family, and I am very sad to leave it."


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We welcome all kind of inquiries. And we promise to do our best to help you.